Worried about cash flow, employee turnover, leadership or team building?

If your company is less profitable than it should be, your employees are disengaged, and if you’re tired, frustrated, and maybe even angry about the future of your organization, it’s time to become a high performance organization.

Nearly every business leader struggles at some point with vision, leadership, profits, hiring and team building.

Columns 4 Success works with small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and larger enterprises to help them find their strategic focus, reduce employee turnover by hiring the right people, develop leadership from top to bottom, and build and manage their financial resources.

Owner and founder Mike Goossen, CPA has more than 30 years of experience as a CEO, CFO and management and business consultant working to take good organizations (and people) from surviving to thriving.

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We help your organization get outstanding and sustainable results by providing consulting, coaching, and training in these four key areas (the “Columns 4 Success”) of organizational health:


Every organization will have a culture and a process that’s “designed” to achieve the results they are currently getting. How you meet the challenges of a changing business environment is your strategy, whether you’ve planned it that way or not. Take control of your business direction by following a clear vision instead of reacting.

Through events like our annual High Performace Workshop and on-site coaching and training and business consulting we’ll show you exactly how to make that vision a reality.


Employees will make or break your organization. It always begins with hiring the right people. This means having a process for selecting those who are going to fit your business. Then you build on that right hire with employee training and development for team-building and engagement.

We have the tools and training you or your HR department need to hire the best. We’ll show you the same strategies and techniques that Fortune 500 companies use to hire the right people to get the job done.  Try our P60 assessment yourself, right now, for free.


Someone – maybe you, maybe your boss – had a big dream and that passion led you start or lead an organization. But everyone in your company should be a leader, from the top executives to the newest intern. Great leadership is what transforms a good organization into a high performance powerhouse.

We have the plan, the materials, and the roadmap for fine-tuning your team’s leadership skills. Become part of a MasterMind Leadership and Executive Networking group and join with like-minded business professionals, just like you, to learn and discuss the 12 Principles of High Performance. Or work with us one-on-one for personal leadership development.


The ultimate goal of your organization is to achieve financial success – even a nonprofit needs funding to achieve its mission. From small to large, every organization needs a system to manage and monitor their finances.

We’ll take you beyond relying on bookkeeping or annual visits to your tax advisor to help you understand – and improve – the financial condition of your business. As an Outsourced CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Mike Goossen can consult, coach, or even act as your part-time or temporary CFO to get your business finances in shape and growing.

40% Of all New Businesses FAIL By The End of The First Year; Only 12% Survive Five Years; And 2-3% Survive 10 Years

The difference comes from applying the principles of high performance organizations:

  • The strategy and direction of the organization are clear and guide day-to-day actions and decision making.
  • Employees and leadership of the organization understand the business and are committed to getting results.
  • Staff govern themselves through shared values and guiding principles rather than rigid policies.
  • Employees are organized, when possible, into self-managing teams.
  • Processes are streamlined and systems are aligned to support the strategy and philosophy of the business.
  • The role of management changes from controlling workers, to coaching them, creating an environment in which their people can be most effective.

Are you ready to turn YOUR business into a high performance organization? Call for a free consultation at (559) 681-6559 or take a free assessment here (we’ll call with an analysis).


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